Would One in Three Americans Choose Dental Surgery over Christmas Shopping?

As we approach the final days of the Christmas season, the stores are getting really crowded. Tensions are running high, and a full day at Park Meadows Mall or driving from store to store can get really unpleasant. So maybe some of us aren’t surprised at the results of a survey by the GameIt shopping app, saying that about a third of Americans say they’d rather have a major dental procedure like a root canal than go Christmas shopping.

Of course, maybe we should be more skeptical, because the survey is dubious at best.

Who Hates Shopping?

Although overall 32% of respondents said they would choose the root canal, not all groups were equally enthusiastic about the option. Instead, three groups predominantly were against holiday shopping: men, Southerners, and people over 55. Men were the most unhappy with shopping, with 53% of them saying they would rather have a root canal. About 36% of Southerners chose the root canal, and 35% of people over 55. The founder of GameIt, Bryce Johnson, added his own two cents: “Personally, I’d rather have my molars extracted without an anesthetic than have to go Holiday shopping every day.”

A Gamed Survey

508789599The survey that GameIt gave to 1000 Americans seems to have been rigged to elicit the response that it did. The actual question asked was if they agreed with the statement, “I would rather have root canal treatment than be forced to go Christmas or Holiday shopping every day for weeks on end.” Given the choice between what seems to be a single root canal and unnamed numbers of weeks of forced holiday shopping, it’s no wonder most people chose the root canal.

Especially when you think that a root canal is really not a bad procedure. During the procedure, you are under anesthesia, your anxiety is calmed with sedation dentistry, and after the procedure there are typically just a few days of discomfort that is normally controllable with over-the-counter pain medication. In fact, a recent study showed that a root canal reduces pain, not causes it.

Whether or not you like Christmas shopping, we will strive to make your root canal experience the best possible. Please call 303-759-5652 for an appointment with a Denver dentist at Park Meadows Dental Care.