Winestraws: A Choice Between Protecting Your Teeth & Enjoying Your Wine?

Winestraws seem like a bit of a paradox. After all, isn’t wine the classiest beverage? But what’s less classy than drinking from a straw? The link between the two is entrepreneur Jenny LaFever, who was inspired by a party where several of her friends wanted to have a glass of red wine, but had just gotten teeth whitening and didn’t want to ruin their results. She then noticed that many people at the party who were drinking wine had stained teeth by the end of the night.

There’s no doubt that drinking wine through a straw is good for protecting your teeth, but is it bad for the taste?

Trying to Find the Right Material

82663372LaFever notes that she didn’t just pick any old design for her innovative straws. Instead, she tried more than 50 different varieties of straws before picking the best one for this purpose, including glass straws and cheap disposable bendy straws.

She decided on a straw that looks like glass, but is a durable plastic, so it looks classy, like a swizzle stick. The height of Winestraws is perfect for many different kinds of wine glass. As a result of the quality, classy design, many restaurants have decided to have them available upon request.

How Does It Affect Taste?

Wine connoisseurs are, as expected, against the idea of drinking wine through a straw. They point out that much of the flavor comes from smell, and drinking through a straw reduces the involvement of smell in the experience.

However, LaFever implies that Winestraws actually make wine taste better. She says that the straws deliver wine directly to the back of the palate, which does play an important role in taste. And there are people who say that beverages taste better through a straw.

For better or for worse, there’s no doubt that Winestraws will change the taste of your wine, as different flavor components are foregrounded at the expense of others. You may find that your old favorites are not as enjoyable through a straw, while others you didn’t like before are better. With a little experimenting, you can probably find a good everyday wine that you enjoy drinking through a straw, though you may still want to try new wines with a full mouth taste.

You should also remember that staining isn’t the only reason to drink wine through a straw: wine can be very acidic, as acidic as sodas, so it can damage your tooth enamel. If you find you don’t mind using Winestraws, you should consider using them for white wines as well as reds.

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