There Are No Generic Porcelain Veneer Options

Porcelain veneers can fix deeply stained teeth, as well as covering and protecting chipped or cracked teeth. These restorations improve the visual appearance of your smile, but won’t be ready for installation the first day you visit your cosmetic dentist. Unlike household appliance parts, dentists can’t mass-produce veneers. The creation of porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dental restorations requires the skilled hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist. Factors such as head size, gender, and even ethnicity all impact the shape and size of your teeth.

Why Tooth Proportions Matter

A group of friend having fun outsideThe size and shape of your new porcelain veneers matters for the overall appearance of your smile. You might not consciously recognize it, but every face has a set of ideal proportions, also known as golden proportions. Countless studies exist measuring attractiveness in relation to these proportions.

No matter what your ethnicity, good facial proportions make your face more attractive. A range of studies exist that focus on the ideal tooth proportions for each different ethnic group. A study published in April 2015, for example, studies the ideal dental proportions in a North Indian population. They then measured the impact of these proportions on attraction, and found that more proportional smiles were considered attractive.

Differences in Gender

Without advanced training, you might not see a difference between male and female teeth. The differences are slight, but they matter when creating porcelain veneers. Men usually have a wider jaw than women, which causes men to develop slightly wider teeth.

Ethnic Differences

Equations exist that can help to predict the optimal tooth proportions for an individual based on several measurements of their facial proportions. Although these equations are useful in theory, they don’t always work. This is due to the differences in ideal facial proportions between ethnic groups. Studies have found that relying on common equations for determining golden proportions does not account for gender or ethnic differences.

Tooth shape and size also differs between ethnic groups. Where one population might characteristically display slightly larger top front teeth, another population might have slightly larger canines. Creating generic veneers would not account for these differences.

Custom Porcelain Veneers Make a Difference

At Park Meadows Dental Care, we use our deep understanding of aesthetics to create custom porcelain veneers that suit your smile. Veneers restore your smile by closing minor gaps between your teeth, covering deep staining, and hiding tooth damage in your front teeth. We also color-match your new veneers with the rest of your teeth so that they look natural.

You deserve to have a nice smile. To learn more about how porcelain veneers can restore your good looks, please call 303-759-5652 for a consultation at our office in Southern Denver.