Smiling More Could Reduce Your Stress

Everyone experiences stress, sometimes multiple times during a single day. Sometimes you suffer from heaping helpings of stress all at once, while other times your only stress for the day is driving to and from work. No matter what causes your stress, smiling more can help you reduce your body’s anxious emotional response. If you suffer from bad teeth that make you feel embarrassed to smile, you might benefit from cosmetic dentistry.

Stress Recovery and Smiling

Smiling may decrease your level of stressIn 2012, researchers from the University of Kansas decided to test out the old saying “grin and bear it” to see if it held any real merit. In order to test this, they asked 170 participants to complete 2 stressful tasks while holding chopsticks in their mouths. The chopsticks were arranged to either create a Duchenne smile (a genuine smile), a standard smile, or a neutral expression. Half of the participants in both smiling groups were instructed to smile, while the other half of the group received no instructions about facial expression.

The smiling groups, regardless of what instructions they recieved, experienced lower heart rates during stressful tasks than participants with neutral expressions. The Duchenne group experienced the lowest heart rate during these activities. Researchers also noted that participants in the smiling groups with no instructions to smile had slightly higher heart rates than those instructed to actively smile. Their findings provide strong evidence that positive facial expressions, especially purposeful and genuine expressions, lower the negative impacts of stress.

Fight Back With Straighter Teeth

Although this study suggests that even a closed-mouth smile will decrease your stress levels, a bright, toothy Duchenne smile seems to offer the best stress relief. If you avoid flashing your pearly whites so that nobody sees your crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth, you might benefit from Realine clear braces. These invisible braces provide an effective alternative to traditional braces that increase your confidence without filling your mouth with metal.

Brightening Your Smile

With the popularity of staining beverages and foods such as coffee, wine, and salad dressing, many people have stained teeth. We offer Zoom! Tooth Whitening services to help you rejuvenate your good looks. For deeper stains that reach beneath your tooth enamel, we can brighten your teeth with porcelain veneers. These thin pieces of porcelain are custom made to fit your individual mouth and affix to the surface of your tooth to cover stains.

Repair Visible Damage

Physical damage can also hurt your confidence and keep you from smiling. At Park Meadows Dental Care, we offer a range of cosmetic dental restorations that can help restore your confidence. Porcelain veneers and dental crowns cover and protect chipped, cracked, or broken teeth in order to give your teeth a uniform appearance. For more advanced damage or missing teeth, we create durable dental implants. These restorations not only repair your looks, but also give you back the functionality of your teeth.

If you want to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help you to reclaim your smile and restore your good looks, please call 303-759-5652 for a consultation at our office in Southern Denver.