Smile Makeovers Improve Your Chances in the Job Market

Whether you want to improve your prospects or start a new career, successful job hunting takes time, experience, and charisma. What many people don’t realize, however, is that your teeth significantly impact the success of your job hunting endeavors. Your teeth are one of the first features about you that your prospective employers notice, and leave a lasting impression about your personality. If you suffer from crooked, broken, or yellowing teeth, your smile could hurt your chances of getting the job.

Heightened Job Prospects in North America

Recent data from a Gallup survey found that now might be an ideal time for job seekers. The study included interviews of approximately 1,000 adults in 145 countries throughout 2014. Researchers used the data to determine how positive people felt about the current job market. Of the people interviewed from North America, 51% felt positive about job prospects. The same study conducted in 2013 found that only 38% felt positive about the job market, suggesting that 2014 and 2015 could offer better job prospects than previous years.

The Impact of Your Teeth

Happy woman at a job interview.If the Gallup data is anything to go by, now could be one of the best times in North America for job hunting. Unfortunately, if your teeth look bad, they could hurt your chances of getting a second interview. A study published in October 2014 tested the impact of teeth in the current job market. Researchers took photos of 10 individuals with orthodontic needs and malocclusions (bad bite). They created altered copies of the photographs in which each participant had a perfect smile.

Researchers sent the photographs to 100 people in charge of hiring for commercial companies. Each person answered 4 questions about the photographed person’s likelihood of being hired, intelligence, honesty, and work efficiency. Overall, more people associated the altered photographs with higher intelligence and said that they were more likely to get the job. Researchers identified no significant relationship between tooth appearance and honesty or work efficiency.

Add a Good Smile to Your Resume

Past studies on the role that teeth play in the job market have also concluded that the aesthetics of your smile impact your chances. If you plan on job hunting in the near future, now might be the right time to give your smile a much needed makeover. For mildly crooked or gapped teeth, Realine clear braces can help you straighten your smile to impress the hiring managers at your next interview.

At Park Meadows Dental Care, we can also fix your chipped, broken, or missing teeth to give you a seamless smile. Porcelain dental crowns and veneers will hide tooth damage and protect your remaining tooth from further damage. Durable porcelain dental implants can fill any holes in your smile. We carefully color-match the porcelain used in these procedures with your natural teeth so that your restorations look natural.

Stained teeth also leave a lasting impression during your interview. With Zoom! Tooth Whitening services, we can quickly and comfortably brighten your smile.

If you would like to learn more about how a smile makeover can help improve the first impression you make at your next interview, please call 303-759-5652 for a consultation at our office in Southern Denver.