Reasons for Getting a Dental Crown

Many people in our office don’t know what a dental crown is or what it’s used for. They may be surprised by a recommendation for a dental crown, which is routine in many cases. Dental crowns are a great solution for many common problems, including both significant functional and health problems as well as cosmetic problems.

Cracked or Decayed Tooth

dreamstime_s_27535261Possibly the most common reason why people get dental crowns is that decay or a cracked tooth have caused significant damage to the tooth. The tooth may have lost its structural support, putting it at risk of complete failure. In this case, a dental crown is the only restoration that can adequately protect your tooth and give it the support it needs.

This may be true in some cases where the tooth in question has already  had the decay treated. Even though fillings are used as a treatment for cavities, and they can help protect your teeth, they don’t restore your tooth’s full strength. Over time, the tooth may suffer damage or decay around the tooth, leading to an imminent structural failure. In this case, we may recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth before failure, because cracked teeth can be very painful, and can be sometimes harder to treat.

Root Canal

A root canal may be necessary when damage to the tooth exposes the tooth nerve. Not only is this painful, but it allows bacteria to get inside the tooth, where they can grow. Putting a dental crown on a tooth in this situation won’t stop the infection. Instead, we have to remove the infected root and replace it with a filler material. The treated tooth is then topped with a dental crown to protect it.

Dental Bridge

If we don’t treat a tooth in time to save it, there are many ways to replace the lost tooth. One way is with a dental bridge. A dental bridge has a false tooth (called a pontic) supported by two dental crowns that fit over the teeth on either side of the gap. These permanently support your false tooth, giving your a fixed and sturdy replacement tooth.

Dental Implant

On the other hand, you might opt for a dental implant instead of a dental bridge. In this case, you will have a single dental crown placed atop the dental implant, which takes the place of your tooth root.

Cosmetic Crowns

Porcelain crowns are also very attractive, which means they can be used for many cosmetic dentistry applications. In fact, they can be used in any place where we might normally use a porcelain veneer, but veneers aren’t a good choice for either practical or aesthetic reasons.

This may include:

  • Building up a small or poorly shaped tooth
  • Reshaping one or more crooked teeth to create a straight smile
  • Discolored tooth, especially those discolored from within

Basically, a dental crown gives your tooth an entirely new surface, which means that no matter what the problem with the appearance of your tooth, it can be turned into a shiny tooth that is as good as new.

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