Realine Your Teeth For Your Wedding

Wedding planning usually occurs a year in advance, though some people only need a few months. As you agonize over what wedding favors to put on the tables or what flavor of cake you want, some details may fall by the wayside. Dental care, for example, may not even appear on your to-do list until late in the game. Many people schedule professional teeth whitening for that movie-star quality grin, but might not seek out any type of straightening because it can take a year of advanced planning for successful results. If you feel embarrassed by your crooked smile but put off dental work until the last minute, Realine clear braces may be right for you.

Creating the Perfect Smile

Groom looking at his gorgeous bride during their ceremonyAs you peruse wedding magazines and Pinterest boards, you may notice the winning smiles shown off by happy couples. Weddings are joyous celebrations. We express this by flashing our biggest smiles. Tight-lipped smiles appear awkward in photos and may give others the impression that you are not enthused.

Don’t let embarrassment over your teeth make you hide your smile behind closed lips. Realine can close minor gaps, even out crowding, and straighten mildly crooked teeth. These cosmetic changes can restore your confidence in your smile. Years down the road, you will look back on your wedding photos without wishing that you’d been able to smile more.

Great Results in a Short Time

Timing is usually the key when it comes to planning every aspect of your wedding. You need to order your cake, plan your matching formal attire, and book the venue months in advance. Most types of clear braces also require planning in advance. They often take the same amount of time to straighten your teeth as traditional braces. If you didn’t plan at least a year in advance, your teeth might not be straight in time.

With Realine clear braces, you don’t need to plan your perfect smile a year before your Big Day. Unlike other clear braces, Realine moves your teeth in as little as ten weeks. If you only have a handful of months until your wedding, you can rely on Realine.

No Metal Required

Many people avoid getting their teeth straightened because they do not want to deal with traditional metal braces. Tooth straightening is commonly associated with painful orthodontic visits, difficult cleaning routines, dietary limitations, and even tooth staining from metal brackets. Worry no more. Realine changes the way you experience tooth straightening.

Realine braces are more convenient than traditional braces because they are completely removable. You remove them before eating, which means that you are not limited to eating only foods that would not damage metal brackets. Cleaning them is also a breeze. Simply remove them before you floss and brush. While it is out, rinse your retainer in warm water and use a toothbrush to clean the crevices. Taking care to clean your braces will help to prevent them from staining over time.

Even if you are not preparing your smile for any special occasions, tooth straightening can protect your oral health. Teeth that are crooked or crowded may be difficult to floss and brush effectively. As a result, food particles can become trapped in between your teeth and cause tooth decay. Your teeth may also not meet up right when you close your mouth, causing a malocclusion (bad bite) to form. A bad bite can put stress on your jaw joint and cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), a condition that may make moving your jaw painful.

Whether you are straightening your teeth to reclaim your confidence or to protect your oral health, Park Meadows Dental Care is here to help. If you would like to learn more about what Realine can do for you, please call 303-759-5652 today to schedule an appointment with a Denver dentist at Park Meadows Dental Care.