Need a Loan? A Smile Helps

If you’re looking for a loan to help your small business succeed, you’re probably nervous. That’s understandable, but you should do your best to hide it if you really want to get that loan. Looking happy and showing a big smile will probably increase your odds of getting a loan and may help you get more money.

The Brain Responds to a Smile, and So Does the Pocketbook

To determine the potential influence of smiling on loan decisions, researchers looked at various features of profiles made by people looking for loans on the microlending site Kiva. Researchers looked at more than 13,000 loan requests on the site and found that requests accompanied by a smiling photograph were more likely to get loans.

In fact, when a picture was categorized as “happy,” the amount of money received by the proposal was significantly higher than the average, and higher than that for pictures rated as “sad,” “calm,” or “angry.” On average, a happy picture resulted in $1.13 more per hour than the average, and the most positive pictures correlated with over $8.00 more per hour than the most negative pictures.

Woman applying for a bank loan

Can You Bank on Your Smile?

Now, it’s important to understand that the context of microloans on Kiva is different from requesting a loan from the bank, but the same mechanisms are at work. The bank is going to do more complex math and be more reluctant to just give you the money you’re asking for, but the decision of whether to give you a loan or not based on numbers or guidelines that are uncertain will come down to factors that aren’t on the piece of paper. They’re on your face and in the brain of the loan officer, and it may very well be that your smile may make the difference.

Besides, if traditional loan requests don’t fund your business, you know that your smile can make the difference in getting you microloans.

Follow our 11 tips for keeping a smile on your face if you’re having trouble. But what if you don’t feel comfortable with your smile? You need to have a smile you can call on when you need it, but if you’re constantly self-conscious about your smile, that shows, reducing positive impressions of your smile.

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