Japanese Crooked Teeth Craze!

We spend our whole teenage lives worrying about our appearance. We spend hours in front of the mirror, and suffer through braces (though there are alternatives now) to give ourselves perfectly straight teeth. In the United States straight and pearly white teeth are king, but there is a trend in Japan that runs entirely contrary to this aesthetic: yaeba. Yaeba literally means “double tooth” and is a trend popular among girls in their late teens and early twenties. These girls are spending as much as $500 per tooth to have their teeth capped to look crooked. The goal is to achieve a young and “impish” look that is currently very sought after in Japan, though has seen some scrutiny in other parts of the world, seen by some as a sexualization of young girls.

A young woman with crooked teeth

It’s All Aesthetics

Many people are scratching their heads about this. Why would someone seek out crooked teeth? It is important to remember that young people have been trying to stand out in different ways for a long time. It is perhaps similar to the fixation on gap-toothed models that was popular a few years ago.

Yaeba, it should be noted, is almost opposite to the practice of Ohaguro, or tooth darkening, in which married women would lacquer their teeth. In that practice, the goal was to look older, not younger.

While this smile makeover may not exactly increase your chances of landing a job, what someone considers beautiful aesthetics varies wildly from person to person. Some people like having blonde hair, while others like electric blue. Who’s to say who is right?

Crooked or Straight?

What do you think? Do crooked teeth call out to you, or are ruler-straight teeth more your thing? If you prefer the latter then we can help. We offer clear braces  that are more discreet than the metal-type that we grew up with as well as other cosmetic dentistry services that will ensure that you put your best smile forward! If you have any questions for us, or would like to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Park Meadows Dental Care in Centennial, CO please give us a call at (303) 759-5652.