Four Conclusions People Jump to If You Are Missing a Tooth

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and if it’s a bad one it can be very hard to overcome. Unfortunately, if you have a missing tooth, it’s probably the first thing people will notice, and it will cause them to make certain conclusions about you. Here are four negative impressions people will take when they see your missing tooth.

“I Am Unhealthy”

dreamstime_s_31436441People equate a healthy smile with a healthy body, and, to be fair, there are enough close connections between oral health and general health that there is a certain logic to this.

When people see a missing tooth, they are likely to assume a person is unhealthy. Of course, even though gum disease is the most common cause of a missing tooth, there are many other causes for tooth loss that don’t relate at all to your health.

“I Am Old”

When we’re young, we develop a full set of teeth, but over time we start to lose them. For people aged 20-34, the average number of teeth is 27, dropping to 25 at age 35-49, and 23 for people age 50-64. Although this is really a pretty modest reduction in the number of teeth, people skew the relationship even more in their mind, imagining that young people likely have a full set of teeth, and it’s only old people that have lost teeth.

“I Don’t Take Care of Myself”

Because we have a lot of successful preventive techniques to guard against tooth loss, people assume that the only reason you’re missing a tooth is that you just don’t use them. They assume you have poor oral hygiene and may not go to the dentist, conclusions that they will then extrapolate to other things you might not do.

“I Am Poor”

Because it’s assumed you would’ve preserved your tooth if you could, people think that the reason you didn’t might be because you don’t have the money. Although it’s true that lower income is correlated with an increased risk of tooth loss, this probably isn’t true in your case.

Your Smile Speaks Before You Do

Research shows that the thing people are most likely to remember about you after a first meeting is your smile. This means that no matter what you say or how you dress, the thing people are most likely to come away from an initial meeting is whatever they decide on the basis of your missing tooth.

But you don’t have to let a missing tooth say all these bad things about you. Dental implants give you the option to restore a full, attractive smile.

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