Cosmetic Dentistry Repairs Tooth Trauma

News networks and newspaper articles frequently report on car accidents and physical assaults. They detail the injuries suffered by victims from heavy bruising to broken bones, but they don’t always delve into the dental damage that many people suffer in these situations. A September 2014 attack on British model and former beauty queen Rebecca Mason brought the lasting dental trauma suffered in her assault to the forefront of the report. Articles detailing her injuries discuss how cosmetic dentistry was able to help repair the damage done to her mouth.

Rebecca Mason’s Brutal Attack Damages Her Teeth

Rebecca Mason couldn’t have anticipated that her trip to a nightclub on September 27th would result in extensive dental damage that would endanger her career. The assault occurred when she put herself between a man named Daniel Jackson and another man with whom he was having an altercation. Jackson was reportedly acting in a threatening manner toward the other man, and Mason tried to step in to defuse the situation. Rather than standing down, Jackson punched her in the mouth. Jackson later reported that his actions were influenced by alcohol and that he regretted the whole situation.

The assault left Rebecca Mason with four chipped teeth and hurt her confidence. She feared that the damage would make it harder for her to get modeling jobs. Models, after all, get work based largely on their looks. Jackson agreed to pay compensation for restorative dentistry to repair the damage done to her teeth.

Car Crashes Also Cause Tooth Trauma

Blue car crashMost people will never find themselves in danger of an assault, but that does not mean that they will never be involved in other tooth-damaging situations. Car accidents are another traumatic event that can cause extensive tooth damage. Contact with the steering wheel, door panels, or air bag can chip or knock out teeth on impact. Another danger is that your teeth could come together sharply as your head snaps forward or back, resulting in damage. Tooth injuries are not typically life threatening compared to other kinds of injuries that car crashes can cause, but their effects can be felt years down the road.

Seeking Treatment for Dental Trauma

Although it is necessary to treat life-threatening injuries such as internal bleeding right away, the importance of restorative dental work should never be glossed over. Repairing the damage done to your mouth is part of the healing process. Chipped and missing teeth can impact how you feel about yourself later on, even after other injuries have healed. Damaged and missing teeth have a negative stigma attached to them that can hurt your confidence despite being caused by an accident that was beyond your control.

Restorative dentistry can help you repair the damage done by traumatic events and restore your confidence in your smile. A cosmetic dentist will assess the extent of your damage in order to determine the best course of action. Chipped and broken teeth can be repaired quickly through the use of porcelain veneers and crowns, carefully colored and shaped to match your natural teeth. For teeth that have been knocked out entirely, dental implants  can help. The implant will look and function like your natural teeth and give support to the facial muscles that rest on your teeth.

Trauma impacts your whole body and psyche. Park Meadows Dental Care can help you on the road to recovery through the use of cosmetic dentistry to restore the function and looks of your smile. If you have been involved in a traumatic event that damaged your teeth, please call 303-759-5652 today to schedule an appointment with a Denver dentist at Park Meadows Dental Care.