Clear Braces CentennialHave you been considering straightening your teeth, but didn’t want to have metal brackets and wires on your teeth? Or have you wanted to get your teeth straightened quickly, without waiting the year or more it can take to get your teeth straightened using traditional braces? Now clear braces allow you to get your teeth straightened without wires, and Realine is a special approach to tooth straightening that allows people with minor cosmetic issues to get their teeth straightened in less than 3 months.

Clear braces aren’t right for everyone. If you want to learn whether they’re right for you, please call our Centennial office at 303-759-5652 or email Park Meadows Dental Care for an appointment with clear braces Centennial dentist, Dr. Kary Berry.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces are a great option for people who aren’t happy with the thought of traditional braces. They’re better in many ways because:

  • They have no metal brackets or wires
  • Almost invisible
  • Won’t nick your tongue, teeth, or cheeks
  • Won’t get food caught in them
  • No diet restrictions
  • Completely removable
  • Not hard to clean, just brush, floss, and see the dentist

Because of these benefits, clear braces are getting more and more popular as people realize they can have the smile they’ve always dreamt of without the metal brackets and wires they have always feared.

And you can, too!

Realine—the Faster, Smarter Clear Braces

Clear braces have always had only one disadvantage: they take just as long as regular braces to move your teeth. Now Realine fixes that, too, to give appropriate candidates a faster way to get rid of gaps, crowding, and slightly crooked teeth.

By focusing on what matters most to us, the cosmetic aspects of our smile in the front of the mouth, Realine is able to deliver some of the fastest results possible. It only takes ten weeks—two and a half months!—to see the results of Realine. No more gaps. No more crowding. No more crooked teeth, just a straighter, more attractive smile.

And because it targets specific minor cosmetic issues, Realine is usually less expensive than other clear braces. Don’t pay for more orthodontics than you need—get the orthodontic solution that’s just right for you—and your budget.

Who Is a Candidate for Realine?

aligner_spreadRealine is an orthodontic treatment that targets minor cosmetic issues that are easily fixed. It is best for people who have:

  • Small gaps in their teeth
  • Minor crowding of teeth
  • Slightly crooked teeth

The only way to know for sure if Realine is right for you is to talk to a Realine dentist, like Dr. Kary Berry at Park Meadows Dental Care. Don’t live with your crooked smile another day because you think there’s not an orthodontic solution that’s right for you. If you’re in the Centennial area, please call 303-759-5652 or contact us online today for an appointment.