BOTOX LogoYour face muscles work hard every day to create frowns, smiles, and deal with stress. As you age, your face develops muscle memory and tension that creates wrinkles and hard lines. These can be embarrassing, and make you lose confidence in your looks.

You don’t have to live with unsightly wrinkles. BOTOX ® Cosmetic can help you erase your wrinkles quickly in order to restore your youthful appearance. This revolutionary treatment relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles in order to restore the smoothness of your face.

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Gain your youth back with Botox ® CosmeticErase Wrinkles with BOTOX ® Cosmetic

BOTOX ® Cosmetic effectively reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles appearing around your mouth, eyes, and forehead when you make facial expressions. This treatment effectively reduces:

  • Wrinkles between and around your eyebrows
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • And other dynamic wrinkles

Your looks impact your mental health, confidence, and how you interact with other people. You deserve to feel good about your looks, and aging shouldn’t change that.

How it Works

Muscle tension as you age causes wrinkles and hard lines to form. Part of this is due to muscle memory that pulls your face into permanent reflections of your most frequently used expressions. In many cases, these wrinkles and lines can give you a dour, unapproachable demeanor.

BOTOX ® Cosmetic works by targeting the specific muscles in your face that cause wrinkle-inducing tension. Some of these muscles pull on one another, so it is important to find a doctor who understands how your muscles interact. These FDA-approved injections utilize a modified botulinum toxin serum to safely isolate the problem muscles, allowing them to relax. When the muscles relax, they release their hold on your wrinkles, smoothing out your face.


Dr. Kevin Berry will meet with you to discuss your cosmetic goals and help determine if BOTOX ® Cosmetic is right for you. If you feel unhappy about static wrinkles that appear when your face is at rest, you may benefit from the use of dermal fillers instead.

During your treatment, Dr. Berry uses a thin needle to inject the serum into the muscles with little to no discomfort. For people with sensitive skin, Dr. Berry can use pain prevention techniques for your comfort during your visit. Treatment usually only lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, and you should see results right away. Repeat treatment is recommended approximately every four months for best results, and with regular treatment, your results can become more permanent.

BOTOX ® Cosmetic Works For Men

Although a large number of women get BOTOX ® Cosmetic treatment, it is not exclusively designed for women. Men benefit from BOTOX ® Cosmetic as well. Everyone, regardless of gender, develops hard frown lines and crow’s feet, which can give you a more severe expression. For some men, wrinkles create a fierce appearance that leads other people to avoid you.

Why Choose a Certified Neuromuscular Dentist?

Neuromuscular dentists have a deep understanding of how the muscles of your face work together. Dr. Berry combines his vast knowledge with training on administering BOTOX ® Cosmetic to treat your wrinkles. His deep understanding of the relationship between your muscles helps him determine which muscles to target to alleviate your wrinkles. BOTOX ® can also relieve pain symptoms in patients suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or migraines.

To learn more about the rejuvenating effects of BOTOX ® Cosmetic, please contact our Centennial office today to schedule your consultation.