Water Fluoridation Began in Colorado

River in Colorado

Efforts to introduce fluoride to drinking water have helped to protect thousands of Americans from tooth decay. The idea of fluoridation stemmed from a discovery in Colorado, where a dental school graduate began his life-changing research. Although water fluoridation protects your teeth from decay, some people worry about fluorosis staining, which fluoride can cause. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help reduce the appearance of fluorosis staining. The History of the Colorado Brown Stain In 1901, recent dental school graduate Frederick McKay moved from the East Coast to Colorado Springs in hopes of opening a new dental practice. Upon his arrival, McKay was shocked to see a majority of the locals with grotesquely stained teeth. In his observations, a large number of people had several te ...


Straws Protect Your Teeth

Straw may help your teeth by having beverages avoid most of your teeth

The types of beverages you favor on a regular basis can impact your oral health and the attractiveness of your smile. Favorites such as coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, wine, and beer can all damage your teeth in different ways depending on how you consume them. You don’t need to choose between a beautiful, healthy smile and your favorite beverages, however. Drinking through a straw can help protect your teeth from decay, staining, and other damage. Stave Off Tooth Decay Most fast food establishments provide you with a straw if you order a soda for on-the-go convenience. Whether you realize it or not, these straws also offer your teeth some amount of protection from the sugar and acid in your soda. When you drink from a cup, the liquid inside fills your whole mouth and bathes your teeth. ...


Smiling More Could Reduce Your Stress

Smiling may decrease your level of stress

Everyone experiences stress, sometimes multiple times during a single day. Sometimes you suffer from heaping helpings of stress all at once, while other times your only stress for the day is driving to and from work. No matter what causes your stress, smiling more can help you reduce your body’s anxious emotional response. If you suffer from bad teeth that make you feel embarrassed to smile, you might benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Stress Recovery and Smiling In 2012, researchers from the University of Kansas decided to test out the old saying “grin and bear it” to see if it held any real merit. In order to test this, they asked 170 participants to complete 2 stressful tasks while holding chopsticks in their mouths. The chopsticks were arranged to either create a Duchenne smile (a genuin ...


There Are No Generic Porcelain Veneer Options

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Porcelain veneers can fix deeply stained teeth, as well as covering and protecting chipped or cracked teeth. These restorations improve the visual appearance of your smile, but won’t be ready for installation the first day you visit your cosmetic dentist. Unlike household appliance parts, dentists can’t mass-produce veneers. The creation of porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dental restorations requires the skilled hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist. Factors such as head size, gender, and even ethnicity all impact the shape and size of your teeth. Why Tooth Proportions Matter The size and shape of your new porcelain veneers matters for the overall appearance of your smile. You might not consciously recognize it, but every face has a set of ideal proportions, also known as golden pr ...


Smile Makeovers Improve Your Chances in the Job Market

Happy woman at a job interview.

Whether you want to improve your prospects or start a new career, successful job hunting takes time, experience, and charisma. What many people don’t realize, however, is that your teeth significantly impact the success of your job hunting endeavors. Your teeth are one of the first features about you that your prospective employers notice, and leave a lasting impression about your personality. If you suffer from crooked, broken, or yellowing teeth, your smile could hurt your chances of getting the job. Heightened Job Prospects in North America Recent data from a Gallup survey found that now might be an ideal time for job seekers. The study included interviews of approximately 1,000 adults in 145 countries throughout 2014. Researchers used the data to determine how positive people felt abou ...