7 Ways to Combat Fall Blues

Young woman listening to music through headphones

For many people, fall is the absolute worst. No amount of pumpkin spice lattes or sweaters lift this abysmal funk, and they seem to drift through the colder seasons in a haze only to burst to life in the spring and summer. This is actually more common than you would think. Many people dread fall and winter. They avoid going outside as much as possible and basically sleep as much as they can, waiting for that first burst of warmth to draw them timidly outside. But there are many ways to combat seasonal blues. Get Some Sun This is probably hard if it is really overcast, but you have to get some sun. Even if it is a quick retreat to the mountains for the weekend or a walk down the 16th Street Mall a little sun will do a lot for your energy and well-being. Upbeat Music This may seem like a no- ...


Best and Worst Halloween Candies for Your Teeth

A bucket of tasty halloween treats

With Halloween coming up this week, your household candy stocks are likely to skyrocket. And that’s trouble. Not just for the sugar rushes that will keep kids from sleeping Halloween night (thank goodness it’s on a Saturday this year!), but also for their risk of tooth decay–and yours, if you sneak a few of their treats. But not all Halloween candies are equally bad for your teeth. Here are a few tips from a family dentist on choosing the best and worst Halloween candies for your teeth. Worst Treats Although all candy contains damaging sugars for your teeth, and should be eaten in moderation, some treats are particularly hard on your teeth. Anything that causes a prolonged exposure to sugar can be bad. Caramels in particular are thick and cling to your teeth for a long time, feeding ...


10 Secrets to Starting Your Day with a Smile

Woman opening her curtains in the morning

If you are finding it hard to feel good about your day in the morning, you might end up with a bad mood all day. Starting with a smile is a great way to turn your day around from the start–happy morning lead to happy afternoons and evenings.’ But how do you get yourself in that good mood if you’re not naturally a morning person? Here’re some tips that work for most people. Go to Bed Earlier It’s easier to be happy in the morning if you wake up feeling refreshed rather than having to be startled out of bed by an alarm clock. To help get yourself up on your own, start going to bed earlier so you can get more sleep in before morning. But if you’re spending 8 hours or more “sleeping” and still feel like you aren’t getting nearly enough sleep, consider that you might have sleep apnea, whi ...


Does Secondhand Smoke Threaten Your Oral Health?

Mature man smoking a cigarette

Cigarette smoking is bad for your oral health, and it’s likely marijuana smoking is similar. Its impact on circulation reduces the resources your gums have to fight oral bacteria, leading to gum disease, and your gums are less likely to heal if you’re a smoker. Smoking-related dry mouth reduces saliva, your body’s natural defense against bacteria. The overall effect is an increase in your risk of lost teeth, possibly three times or more, depending on the study. But what about secondhand smoke, is it just as damaging to your oral health? Some Studies Say “Yes.” Several studies have been done to test the impact of secondhand smoke on gum disease risk. They have come up with several different conclusions about risk levels, with some saying the risk is about 30% higher and others saying the ri ...


Need a Loan? A Smile Helps

Woman applying for a bank loan

If you’re looking for a loan to help your small business succeed, you’re probably nervous. That’s understandable, but you should do your best to hide it if you really want to get that loan. Looking happy and showing a big smile will probably increase your odds of getting a loan and may help you get more money. The Brain Responds to a Smile, and So Does the Pocketbook To determine the potential influence of smiling on loan decisions, researchers looked at various features of profiles made by people looking for loans on the microlending site Kiva. Researchers looked at more than 13,000 loan requests on the site and found that requests accompanied by a smiling photograph were more likely to get loans. In fact, when a picture was categorized as “happy,” the amount of money received by the prop ...