Beautiful Symmetry Begins with Your Smile

Woman posing

From the time we are born, we are hard-wired to look for facial symmetry in the people around us. In studies, babies spend more time looking at images of symmetrical faces than asymmetric ones. Faces with the highest levels of symmetry also score higher in studies on physical attraction. One possible cause is that our facial symmetry may reflect success, life stress, and overall physical attractiveness. Genetic mutations and environmental pressure can change the symmetry of your face, and teeth often play one of the biggest roles. People Find Facial Symmetry Attractive A number of studies have been conducted testing the attractiveness of facial symmetry. Results have largely pointed to more symmetry increasing the attractiveness of individuals. A study conducted by New Mexico State Univers ...


The Danger of Self Diagnosing Jaw Pain


One of the goals of medical blogs and databases is to spread awareness of health problems by making information more readily available to the general public. Unfortunately, many medical conditions have similar symptoms. A person suffering from one set of symptoms may find similar symptoms described online, leading them to believe that they have a condition that they do not actually have. Some people may take their mistaken self-diagnosis to heart and believe that they do not need to visit a medical professional, when in reality their symptoms indicate a life-threatening condition. People may also be tempted to self-diagnose their jaw pain as TMJ, and treat it themselves. Seeking help from an experienced TMJ dentist is a better move because rest alone will not always resolve TMJ symptoms. A ...


Tooth Trauma Can Cause Darkening In Baby Teeth


Children are full of energy, leading to long hours of rambunctious playtime. Whether your child participates in sports, outdoor activities, or just runs around the house with wild abandon, odds are that with enough time they may have an accident that can damage their teeth. Even a tooth that does not appear cracked or chipped after trauma may be injured. If your child’s tooth changes color or darkens, the tooth is probably damaged. This change of color is not the same as staining from excessive fluoride, medication, or inadequate hygiene. Tooth discoloration is not always a sign that the tooth must be removed or that the damage is permanent. Often times, damaged teeth will eventually fall out on their own without repercussions to the incoming permanent tooth. Visiting a dentist with pediat ...


The Benefits of White Fillings

Composite Filling Material

The question of whether to use amalgam or composite material when filling cavities is important to consider carefully. Amalgam fillings are the silver colored fillings, and have been used for over a hundred years. The more popular composite fillings are white, and made their way into common practice a little over three decades ago. For many, cost is the deciding factor when choosing which material to fill their cavities with. Amalgam fillings tend to be half of the cost of composite. Insurance plans typically cover the cost of amalgam while most plans will cover only a portion of the cost of composite fillings, but white fillings offer a range of benefits that may make them well worth the expenditure. Aesthetics One of the benefits that has made composite fillings a more popular choice is ...


The Cat With Golden Teeth

Persian cat

Golden teeth are often depicted on pirates, rappers, and nobility. The history of repairing damaged teeth with materials like stone chips, gold, or other metals goes way back.  When dentist Giovanni d’Arcoli suggested using gold leaf to crown teeth in 1483, they were a luxury only available to the wealthy. His first design protected teeth from decay better than previous materials because it was able to create a more form-fitting seal. When dentist Robert Arthur began using gold foil, a less expensive material, to protect teeth in 1855, golden teeth became available to a wider range of people. Neither dentist would ever have expected their design to be used on anything but humans. Fourteen Carat Persian In 2005, dentist Dr. David Steele received a Persian kitten—who he named Sebastian— from ...