5 Deadly Effects of Drinking Soda

Diet and regular soda can both be very harmful to your teeth.

There are many potentially deadly effects of your daily soda habit. You might not think it’s too serious, but recently researchers released a report linking consumption of sugary beverages, including soda, to nearly 200,000 deaths a year. That’s a worldwide total, with the number in the US estimated at 25,000 people a year. For comparison, about 33,000 Americans died in car accidents in 2013, a number that has been steadily declining. And before you think you’re safe because you drink diet soda, it’s important to note that diet soda is also linked to obesity, which contributes to the risk of death by several of the causes listed below, as well as having their own risk. So why is it that sodas are killing nearly 70 Americans a day? There are three main causes and a few additional risks. Dia ...


11 Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implants are a great replacement option

If you are facing the loss of a tooth or teeth, you are probably considering your tooth replacement options. In order to maintain your oral health, you need to replace your teeth somehow, but you’re mulling over different options. Dental implants are definitely your best replacement option, for these reasons: Dental Implants Look Just Like Natural Teeth If you’re concerned about the appearance of your smile, dental implants are your best choice. They have the ability to give your smile the best color and design match to your natural teeth. And because it will always be in place, there’s no chance that it will be off-kilter when you smile. No Diet Restrictions If you’re wearing dentures, there are likely many things you won’t be able to eat. Steak is a particular challenge, but people often ...


The Pros and Cons of a Sugar Detox

Excess amount of sugar

There’s no doubt that we eat a lot more sugar than we used to. In 1822, it took five days for a person to consume the amount of added sugar in a typical 12-ounce soda, but modern Americans consume that amount of sugar every 7 hours. There’s also no doubt that sugar consumption contributes to a wide range of adverse health effects, including obesity, diabetes, and, of course, gum disease and tooth decay. In response to these troubling facts, many people are considering a sugar detox diet: cutting added sugars from their diet completely, not even using sugar substitutes in some cases. Is this right for you? Let’s consider some of the pros and cons of a sugar detox. PRO: It will Almost Certainly Reduce Risk of Tooth Decay Increased sugar consumption is part of the reason why, despite the adve ...


Social Anxiety Can Damage Your Teeth

Social anxiety may be harmful to your overall health

According to new research, social anxiety can cause people to experience involuntary bruxism and suffer damage to their teeth and jaws. Although we can’t necessarily protect your teeth from the results of anxiety, we can help minimize and even repair damage. Surveys and Dental Exams In this study by researchers at Tel Aviv University, 75 men and women were given questionnaires about their experience with social anxiety. The study group was then divided into two groups: the 40 that experienced social phobia and the 35 that didn’t. All subjects were then given comprehensive psychiatric and dental exams. Researchers were looking at bruxism symptoms and oral habits, such as nail biting, gum chewing, and jaw play–small jaw movements without teeth contact. Researchers found that people wit ...


11 Tips to Keeping a Smile on Your Face

Smile often can be good for your health

We know that smiling can help relieve stress, but sometimes it’s hard to keep smiling, especially in the times when we need it most, when the stress is high and things are looking down. But even in the worst of times you can find a reason to smile. Here are a few that can help you put that smile on when you need it. Be Thankful When things are rough, the bad times loom ahead of us. But there’s not just bad things in our lives. There are plenty of good things to appreciate in your life. Try to keep a few in mind so that when things begin to overwhelm you, can recall them and put a smile on your face. Be Active Too many of us live a sedentary life. Work, play, and transportation all occur with us seated. But being active stimulates endorphins in the brain that give you a natural high. It mak ...