7 Ways to Combat Fall Blues

For many people, fall is the absolute worst. No amount of pumpkin spice lattes or sweaters lift this abysmal funk, and they seem to drift through the colder seasons in a haze only to burst to life in the spring and summer.

This is actually more common than you would think. Many people dread fall and winter. They avoid going outside as much as possible and basically sleep as much as they can, waiting for that first burst of warmth to draw them timidly outside. But there are many ways to combat seasonal blues.

Young woman listening to music through headphones

Get Some Sun

This is probably hard if it is really overcast, but you have to get some sun. Even if it is a quick retreat to the mountains for the weekend or a walk down the 16th Street Mall a little sun will do a lot for your energy and well-being.

Upbeat Music

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you should definitely stay away from sad music. It’s pretty easy to unconsciously blast some sad solemn tunes as you shamble your way to work, but you have to break the cycle! Some upbeat music will bring a spring to your step and a smile on your face.

Change Up Your Meals

Instead of just getting the usual, why not try something different? You never know when you might find your new favorite food.

Count Your Blessings

It is easy to forget about the little things in our busy day to day lives, but taking a little time at the end of the day to reflect on the small good things will warm you up on a cold fall night.

Surround Yourself With Good People

Nothing picks up our mood like spending time with friends. Good company makes time fly and next thing you know you are sweating through the summer heat.

Learn Something New

Learning something new keeps your mind occupied during cold and dreary days. Are you snowed in? Watch a documentary with your significant other and learn something new about the world! Better yet, crack open a book and exercise those parts of the brain not stimulated by image-heavy culture.

Pay it Forward

Is someone struggling with their groceries? Help them out! Little acts of kindness go a long way and do a lot to make you feel better. Plus you never know, your little act of kindness may trigger a chain reaction.

Smile through the Season


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