6 Reasons to Change Your Dentist

We pick our dentist for many reasons, some of them better than others. Good reasons to pick a particular dentist include a good recommendation from friends or family, quality reviews, or doing a thorough comparison among dentists in the area and believing you’ve found the best. We might pick our dentist because they’re inexpensive, or they take our insurance, or they’re just in a convenient location.

But no matter how you’ve chosen your current dentist, you need to know when it’s time to pick a new one. Here are six reasons why you should start looking for a new dentist:

a bad dental appointment could cause dental fear

Poor Quality Results

If you’re not getting good results with your current dentist, don’t just keep going. Common complaints people have about dental work is that it’s uncomfortable, looks unattractive, or fails too soon. If you’re experiencing this, then you need to consider looking for a new dentist who can give you the results you’re looking for.

Outdated Technology

Dental technology is constantly improving, and good dentists are constantly investing in new developments that will improve your experience or results. If you notice your dentist’s technology is all out of date, you should consider looking for a new dentist. Even if you haven’t noticed poor quality results, you might wonder how good your results could be, not to mention how much more pleasant your experience might be with some of the new developments in comfort technology.

Doesn’t Offer the Services You Want

Many dentists are limited in the services they offer. Cleanings, fillings, and crowns, and that’s about it. Other dentists offer a wider range of treatments and options, including cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, sleep dentistry, and even aesthetic treatments like BOTOX ® Cosmetic. If your current dentist doesn’t offer what you’re looking for, it might be time to move on.

Inadequate or Declining Skills

Dental treatment requires a lot of fine movements, and some people are more talented at this than others. A skilled dentist can usually get you better results with shorter procedures.

As with any skilled profession, dentists can experience a decline in their ability to perform some of these fine tasks. If you notice that a dentist is no longer able to provide services the way they used to, it might be time to look for a new dentist.

Poor Service

Other times it’s not about being able to provide quality treatments, but just being unwilling to treat patients well. Being rushed in and out of the office, often after having to wait for your appointment can make you feel that you’re not being valued as a patient. Rude front office staff, hygienists, or even the dentist can make you wish you were someplace else. Don’t just settle for bad treatment–find a dental office where they treat you right.

Just Don’t Get Along

Other times you might find that your dentist and the staff are trying to be nice, but you just don’t like them or they just don’t like you. You have to feel comfortable with your dentist in order to be able to talk with them honestly and share information about your lifestyle that may have bearing on your oral health. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your dentist, then it’s time to find a new dentist.

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