10 Secrets to Starting Your Day with a Smile

If you are finding it hard to feel good about your day in the morning, you might end up with a bad mood all day. Starting with a smile is a great way to turn your day around from the start–happy morning lead to happy afternoons and evenings.’

But how do you get yourself in that good mood if you’re not naturally a morning person? Here’re some tips that work for most people.

Go to Bed Earlier

It’s easier to be happy in the morning if you wake up feeling refreshed rather than having to be startled out of bed by an alarm clock. To help get yourself up on your own, start going to bed earlier so you can get more sleep in before morning. But if you’re spending 8 hours or more “sleeping” and still feel like you aren’t getting nearly enough sleep, consider that you might have sleep apnea, which can make sleep much less restful.

Woman opening her curtains in the morning

Open Your Curtains

Another way to help yourself get up without an alarm is to let in lots of natural light in the morning. This is especially effective in the summer, when the sun rises much earlier. But even a little bit of natural light, especially the pink-tinged rays of dawn, can go a long way towards improving your mood.

Get the Oxytocin Flowin

Oxytocin is a relationship hormone, stimulated by contact with those we love. It can really boost your mood, too.  Start your day being intimate with your partner–testosterone for both sexes peaks in the morning, making this an ideal time for lovemaking–or just cuddle them, your kids, or even your pets.

Flowers at the Table

The sight and scent of flowers can boost your mood. Flowers make us feel that our home is a happier, healthier place, and getting that kind of boost when you sit down at the breakfast table can carry you a long way.

Coffee or Tea

You don’t want to depend on caffeine to get out of bed in the morning, but it can still be a nice addition to your morning routine. Caffeine can improve memory, boost mood, and help you focus. Sugar can help, too, but don’t overdo it: just a teaspoon is enough to get the desired effect and without causing too many problems for your teeth or your waistline.

Protein-Rich Breakfast

Take the time to make and eat a full breakfast. This will help you start your day in a good mood, and making sure that your breakfast has at least 20 grams of protein will ensure that you stay full all morning, which can help you lose weight–and that will definitely help you smile.


Exercise releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Getting your blood flowing in the morning will also help wake up your brain. Just make sure you stretch enough so that you can avoid injury.

Be in the Moment

As soon as you walk out the door, there are all kinds of things that can drag you down: traffic jams, coworkers, and stressful office situations. But you don’t have to worry about that when you’re at home in the morning.

Don’t Get Online

Talk about stressful stuff–if you go online you’re likely to run into all kinds of stories that will set your mood off. You don’t need that kind of trigger before you really get into your day. On the other hand, you might see lots of pictures that will make you jealous of what others are doing with their day–and you don’t need that, either.

When All Else Fails–Smile!

Smiling isn’t just an expression of happiness–it’s a happiness trigger. When you’ve gone through all the rest of the examples here and you still don’t feel happy, take a few moments to put on your smile. You’ll find that it makes you happier all day long.


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